Can I cancel Chegg and get my money back

It’s the best option:

  • You’ll get a refund right away.
  • For the given sum of money.
  • There was an annual Chegg Study subscription charge on your credit card.
  • In addition, a prorated monthly fee is charged.
  • You’ll be billed each month until you cancel.
  • Pro-rated refund when paying a fee.
  • For the sum.
  • You were billed for the year’s worth of subscription service.


Will my chegg membership be refunded?

All new textbooks at Chegg are covered by a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, provided that they meet specific requirements. If you return an item purchased from Chegg, you will get a refund less the cost of postage. The 21-day return window begins the moment your purchase order is submitted. Isn’t it necessary to handle all refunds at the time of purchase?

What happens if I cancel my subscription with Chegg?

You will not be charged while your account is stopped, and you may continue to use the paid services until the next payment cycle starts.

Is it possible to discontinue your free trial of Chegg before it expires?

Chegg Writing subscriptions may be canceled from the Subscriptions section on the right-hand side of your screen. Confirmation will be requested once you’ve made your choice. To complete the cancellation process, click Cancel subscription once again.

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Is there a way to cancel Chegg at any point?

Withdrawal or cancellation of your membership is possible at any moment. You won’t be charged again until you cancel your subscription, even if you put it on hold. After suspending your membership, you’ll still have access to your bookmarks, Expert Q&A inquiries, and other account settings.

How can I get my credit card information off of Chegg?

Call Chegg customer support at (855) 477-0177 to cancel your Chegg credit card. Be careful to mention the ticket number if they submit a support ticket.

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