Can I remove my KYC from Paytm

The best answer:
  • Paytm cannot do away with KYC.
  • Your identity will be verified via the KYC procedure.
  • It is necessary for a company to adhere to legal and regulatory obligations.

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My account will be suspended if I fail to do KYC on Paytm, what should I do?

Transactions may be monitored by confirming the identity of customers via the use of a KYC procedure. Prior to reaching 10,000 INR, this must be performed.

Is there a way to completely remove our Paytm account?

This is impossible. The data associated with a Paytm account will remain on the company's servers indefinitely, making a backup of the data possible.

What's the best way to unlink my KYC?

When you click on the "KYC" button, you should see a list of your KYCs. To unlink a link, choose the link you'd want to remove and then click the red "Unlink" button.

With no KYC, how can I get my money back from PayTmFAQ?

In order to withdraw money, you must first go through and complete the verification procedure. After that, you'll need to log into your account to finish the request. Logging in is required to achieve this.

What will happen if KYC is not completed?

Banks and other financial organizations use KYC to confirm the identification of its clients. Entities subject to the Financial Action Task Force's oversight must comply with this rule (FATF). Customer due diligence is also a need in many other businesses, including banking and insurance.

How can I update my Paytm KYC information?

Please log into your Paytm account and go to the Settings section. Choose KYC from the menu on the left and click on it. Then choose 'Link Aadhaar' from the drop-down menu. Aadhaar number, DOB (date of birth), gender (male/female), and mobile number (Paytm's registered number) must be entered before clicking on submit.