Can you delete your Google data

The best answer:

  • To erase your personal information.
  • Google’s My Activity feature.
  • Here are a few easy steps to follow:
  • Remove just the events that occurred within the specified time period.
  • Then, pick Google goods from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, you may delete the message by using the delete key.
  • You’ve completed your task!
  • In order to preserve certain data and delete others, it’s a straightforward process.

Visit Google’s My Activity page to erase your data. First, you may need to register. Then pick the time period and categories of data you wish to remove, or select “Select All” to erase everything.

Keep in mind that this does not guarantee that it will be totally removed from our computers (For example, if you access certain services like YouTube, Gmail, or Maps on a recurring basis). Also, bear in mind that inquiries related to removed items may still show up in search results. The reason for this is because we store searches for up to 30 days unless your browser history settings indicate differently. Anonymized IP addresses and other connections kept via Google Connect or while visiting other Google sites where anonymized IP addresses were used will not be affected by deleting your Chrome browser history (e.g. Google Analytics).

What happens if I clear Google Play Services data?

Your applications will not be affected if you clear Google Play Services data. It may, however, disrupt any cloud-based games that need synchronizing. Once Google Play services have been wiped clean, it may be necessary to manually sync these games.

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Delete Google Play Services data and all synchronization will be lost, and you will no longer be able to receive fresh save points until the program is reinstalled. Whenever this occurs, go back to the game’s main screen and pick up where you left off from your last save point on your local hard drive. After removing Google Play services data, saves should be imported into a newer version of the app before running or upgrading the older version again (G+in may be necessary).


What happens when you purge your Google account of data?

All of your devices and Google Account will be cleared if you delete data on one machine. On your computer, open Chrome.

How can I remove all of my Google information?

Open Chrome on your Android smartphone. Please pick more options. Tap on Privacy and Security in the Settings menu. It’s best to choose the option for clearing browsing data from the drop-down box. The last hour or the whole time period may be selected. Make a list of the kinds of information you don’t wish to keep. Remove data by using the Remove data button.

How do I remove all of my Google history?

Using an Android or iOS device, navigate to the web page. Select Delete activity by from the menu bar. Hit the Delete Activity button to clear the history of all your activities. Second > Delete, and then Delete once again.

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