How do I delete a review on LetGo

The best answer:
  • On LetGo, how can you remove a review? You can't take down other people's remarks about you, which is a bummer.
  • There are times when a buyer blocks you from responding to their negative review, which can be particularly frustrating.
  • The good news is that you may get in touch with LetGo and they will take care of getting rid of the bogus review.

How to Delete Letgo Account | Letgo Account Delete through the web browser


How can I remove a review from the system?

Do the following on Select "Menu" from the drop-down menu that appears (three stacked lines in the top left corner of the screen). Then click on "Your Contributions" to get started... You may then delete a review by going to "Reviews" and selecting "Remove Review" From the drop-down menu that appears, choose "Delete Review"

Do you know how to take down a negative review on Depop?

The feedback may be found under the Receipts sign in your Purchased or Sold listings on your profile, so check there first. the information you've shared. Tap the trash can symbol in the top right corner of the screen to permanently delete your comments.

What is the procedure for deleting my LetGo profile?

Please click here to access LetGo. Select help from the drop-down menu. If you need assistance, go here. Please report any issues you may discover to the "tech support" option. Under this category, you'll find options for editing or deleting your profile. To make a deletion request, just click the send button.

On Fiverr, how can I get rid of bad reviews?

Negative reviews are impossible to remove. A customer's feedback may be modified at your request via the Resolution Center, but only if they agree to it.

Is it a crime to remove negative customer reviews without their consent?

Make sure you've read the review before deleting it. In late 2017, the Consumer Fairness Review Act was signed into law, putting new restrictions on what businesses may include in form contracts that prevent consumers from sharing honest reviews of products, services, and corporations in any medium.