How do I delete a saved Google Smart Lock

The best answer:

  • With Google Smart Lock, you can set up your Android smartphone to unlock automatically based on your current location, whether you’re at home or at work.
  • When using the Google app on your phone, go to Settings > Security & Location > Smart Lock from the hamburger menu at the top left of the screen. From there, you may remove any stored locations.
  • After that, just touch on the location’s name to delete it. Finally, press the Delete key and then enter your confirmation code.

How To Remove Instagram/Facebook Accounts From Google Smart Lock 2022


How can I get rid of a Google Smart Lock that I’ve saved?

Google Smart Lock may be deleted from your phone’s settings simply heading to the app and uninstalling it.

My Google Smart Lock isn’t working properly

Your Google Smart Lock password may be modified or deleted under the Security settings of your Google account. Simply log in and choose “My Account” followed by “Security” The “Google Smart Lock” section is located at the bottom of the page. Click on it. You’ll have the option to change your password or erase the old one.

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Exactly how can I uninstall Smart Lock?

Enter the Settings app and choose “Lock screen and security” from the “Lock screen and security” option. By doing so, you’ll be able to turn off the Smart Lock altogether.

Yes, it is safe to use Google Smart Lock

The Google Smart Lock is a tremendous time-saver when it comes to unlocking your Android phone. If your phone is stolen or lost, the data on your phone will be harder to get a hold of.

What can Google Smart Lock do for you?

Google Smart Lock is a feature provided by Google that enables you to unlock your phone without inputting the password. In order to do so, it makes use of either something you already have or something you already know (such as your voice, face, or fingerprint) (like your password).

My Google Smart Lock password is not shown anywhere

You’re out of luck. In order to unlock your Android phone, Chrome browser, and tablet, all you need to do is sign in with your Google Account.

What is the best way to uninstall Samsung Smart Lock?

Samsung Smart Lock may be turned off under Settings.

In order to unlock your Smart Lock, you must enter a password.

Your phone may be protected with Smart Lock passwords if it’s stolen. The Smart Lock password may be configured to automatically lock the device after a specified period of time, when the battery becomes low, when you connect to certain Wi-Fi networks, or when you enter certain areas.

Samsung’s Smart Lock: What Is It?

  • It is possible to unlock your phone using a fingerprint, iris, or face recognition thanks to Samsung’s Smart Lock on the Galaxy S8. While the phone is in sleep mode, you may also use your voice to unlock it using this app.
  • Facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and iris scanning are all options for unlocking your phone using Samsung’s Smart Lock on the Galaxy S8. You may even unlock your phone when it’s in standby mode simply speaking into the phone.
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