How do I delete Venmo Account

The best answer:
  • Venmo accounts cannot be deleted.
  • However, you may turn it off.
  • Make sure you're logged in before you can accomplish this.
  • Deactivate your account by going to Settings > Security and Privacy.

Can You Delete Venmo Transaction History?


My Venmo account won't allow me to remove it

In my opinion, it's because you can no longer use Venmo if you remove your account.

On my iPhone, how can I remove my Venmo account?

Go to "Settings" in the Venmo app on your iPhone to remove your account. Scroll down to "Venmo Account" and touch on it to get to it. In the "Your Venmo Email Address" field, you'll see the email address you entered before. Please click here to be led to a page where you may choose to deactivate your account. You'll be prompted to confirm your decision if you press this button.

Your Venmo account will no longer function if you delete it

If you choose to deactivate your Venmo account, you will also be deleting all of the data linked with it. Venmo transactions from prior purchases and money exchanged with other users are included in this total.

Delete my Venmo 2021 account?

Go to and select the "Deactivate Account" option to delete your Venmo account.

Is it possible to start anew with a new Venmo account?

Yes, you may deactivate your Venmo account and start from scratch. Go to the Venmo website and click "Log out of Venmo" in the top right corner to log out of your account.

To delete my phone number from Venmo, what is the procedure?

You just cannot. You cannot remove your phone number from Venmo.

How can I unfreeze my Venmo account?

To unfreeze your Venmo account, you'll need to enter your email address and answer a few questions. Your email address may be recovered by contacting Venmo customer support.

Is it possible to open a new Venmo account with the same phone number?

A new Venmo account with the same phone number is possible. This can only be done if you use a different email address.

Please tell me whether or not it is possible to consolidate two Venmo accounts

It is possible to combine two Venmo accounts. All transactions from the two accounts will be consolidated into a single account when this is completed. Simply open the Venmo app and tap on the "Settings" option. Please look for an option to merge accounts. To finalize the merging, tap on it and then follow the on-screen instructions.