How do I remove my debit card from AliExpress

The best answer:
  • Following these instructions will allow you to delete your debit card from
  • Navigate to the AliExpress website and click on "My Account" at the top right of the page.
  • Using the left-hand column, pick "AliExpress Payment" and then "Remove Card".
  • Your card number and PIN number will then be requested.

How to Remove Bank Card From AliExpress App


What's the best way to get rid of my debit card info?

Contacting your bank will allow you to delete your debit card information.

Using a debit card on AliExpress is safe?

AliExpress accepts credit cards without issue. In addition to credit cards, debit cards are accepted as a form of payment.

My credit card was charged for YouTube Premium

Please visit to cancel your subscription to YouTube Premium.

Do you know how to get rid of a payment option?

After logging into your account and clicking "Account Settings" click on the "Payment Methods" tab. Then click "Delete" after selecting the payment type you want to remove.

Is AliExpress going to rob me?

AliExpress is a well-known online retailer with a long history. You may feel confident using it because of their proven safety record.

On AliExpress, may you be conned?

On AliExpress, it is possible to be defrauded. Many merchants are willing to offer products that aren't what they claim to be. Before making a purchase from a vendor, be sure to check out the feedback they've received from previous customers.

Can I trust what I buy on AliExpress?

Buyers and merchants from all around the globe may trade on AliExpress, a global e-commerce platform. Despite the fact that many reputable vendors exist on AliExpress, there are still a few that offer fakes. Avoid counterfeit goods by purchasing from reputable suppliers and reading customer feedback.

Without introducing a new payment method, how can I delete an existing one from Google's payment system?

To delete a payment method from Google, there are two options. It's possible by going to 'Account' in the Google Play Store, and after that 'Payment Methods' "Remove". Go to the Google Wallet website, pick "settings" and then click on "three horizontal bars" in the top left-hand corner. You'll be able to access your account settings from there. The "Payment Methods" tab may be found in this section.

What are my options for making a payment on YouTube TV?

You'll need to contact Google Play for assistance if you want to alter your payment method on YouTube TV.

On AliExpress, how can I be sure my payment is secure?

You may shop for items made in China and other countries on PayPal is the safest method to pay on AliExpress.