How do I reset my Amazon Web Services account

It’s the best option:

  • Remove all of my AWS account information.
  • Are there any settings I can reset to bring my account back to the way it was?


  • My Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts are significantly more sparsely populated than my own personal password vault. A single account number is all that is required to get in touch with the company. There will be over 2500 expired AWS tokens in the Slack channel on the day this article goes live, which is August 2nd, 2017. And there’s a special channel for IRC users concerned about account security. Slack, for example, has its own security org channels since they are attacked practically every day by hackers trying to access into their accounts because they do not employ MFA or other sort of multi-factor authentication that would quickly alleviate this issue.
  • Multi-factor authentication is the genuine solution to this problem (MFA). Not having two-factor authentication configured in your AWS account is insane. It’s now time to begin.
  • Click here for frequently asked questions about security on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Also, check to see if it still works after the recent S3 outage, and if they’ve properly addressed the flaw I reported back in early 2016, which allowed people to remotely hijack other users’ accounts without needing their secret key, just needing a valid access key to create new credentials for whoever you wanted to take over via Cloudfront signed URL spoofing attack. no? Okay, let’s go on.
  • In the immediate aftermath of pressing “enable,” make sure to record your default phone number (the one on the far left). If you want to utilize Gmail Authenticator instead of signing in with your phone, you may do it at any time. Type in this fast code: 21495730# and press continue for the time being, though. A text message with the word “Authentication Code” should be sent to your phone. Set up MFA for all access keys and users by entering the information into the input area and then clicking on next step. It’s important to choose everyone except root for this trick. If you wish to prevent hackers from gaining access to your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account, then you may allow it to communicate the root account codes. You won’t be able to login regularly if you do this, but it’s just for your own protection.
  • MFA will be required for everyone who signs in through any browser session if you’re logged in as a non-root user (or if there are other individuals who log in as root or have access keys already connected with their browser sessions) at this point. In order to have a code sent to my phone without being stopped by the MFA freeze question, I had to deselect the “Enable Multi-Factor Authentication” option for the root account.
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  • In the event that you’ve already had a large number of users on your AWS account, this will be a lot of fun. Following, I’d want to talk about the next stage.
  • They’ll all have to utilize MFA now, so if they’re not already signed into an SSH session, you won’t need them. If you picked the suggested options in the preceding page, you should have no existing access key that doesn’t expire within a few days at the most.
  • Get all of your AWS account users by running this command… aws iam list-users “Users[.[Arn]””””””””” –text output grep -v primary|grep -v “$” so that you don’t get an output like this: grep -v


Your AWS account may be reactivated?

Resetting your AWS account will destroy the connection between your AWS account and your VMware Cloud Director organization. You can’t remove Amazon S3 buckets and objects if the AWS account is shared multiple VMware Cloud Director organizations.

What is the best way to completely deactivate my AWS account?

To use the AWS Management Console, you must log in as the account’s root user.

Click Cancel Account once you’ve checked all the boxes to close your account.

Please tell me the pricing of AWS SSO

You’ll need to establish IAM users with the appropriate rights when setting up your AWS account. The Amazon Web Services Security Token Service (AWS SSO) is a free service that simplifies the creation and maintenance of other AWS services by seamlessly connecting with them.

Which AWS root user should I use?

If the IAM sign-in screen appears, scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose “Sign in using root user email”. Return to the sign-in page that you originally came from by clicking this button. In order to get into your AWS account, click “sign in as root” and type in your credentials.

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