How To Delete Pokemon Save Soul Silver

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  • Delete a Pokemon save file in Soul Silver is not possible.
  • Selecting the files you no longer want to keep will allow you to delete them.
  • the bottom-right-hand corner of your screen and clicking on “X

How to delete your save file in Pokémon soul silver 2022


Pokemon Soul Silver: How can I restart it?

To start a new game in Pokemon Soul Silver, choose “New Game” on the title screen.

On Pokemon HeartGold, how do you delete a game?

Take a look at the main menu and click “Options” to remove a game in Pokemon HeartGold. Select the game you wish to remove from the “Game Data” section and click A. Once you’ve selected “Delete” click “OK

In Pokemon, how can you get rid of a saved game?

Opening Pokemon and going to the “Save” option is required before you can remove a save file. Click on A to confirm deletion of the saved file.

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A soft reset for the 3DS version of Pokemon SoulSilver is described here

Hold down the power button on your 3DS for around 10 seconds to do a soft reset.

In Soul Silver, who is the greatest beginning Pokemon?

Since everyone’s playing style and preferences varies, there is no conclusive answer to this topic. However, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur are all viable beginning Pokemon in Soul Silver.

Which Pokemon Soul Silver team should you use?

For Pokemon Soul Silver, there is no one “best” team. There are a variety of good teams to consider: -A strong physical attacker, such as Machamp or Golem; -A strong special attacker, such as Dragonite or Jolteon; -A defensive sweeper, such as Snorlax or Machamp; -A team with a variety of resistances and immunities, in order to cover as many threats as possible.

How has chikorita changed through time?

At level 16, Totodile evolves into Chikorita, a grass-type Pokemon. When you get to level 18, Croconaw transforms into Totodile, which is a water type pokemon.

What kind of personality does a totodile need?

The ideal nature for a totodile will differ based on the personality and tastes of each individual. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this subject. Totodiles are known for their lively, playful, and inquisitive personalities.

In Pokemon Soul Silver, who are the game’s initial characters?

Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur are the default starters in Soul Silver.

On the Nintendo DS, how do you erase a stored game?

It’s necessary to turn off and then remove the cartridge from your Nintendo DS in order to erase a previously stored game. The game menu may be opened by pressing down on the top screen and selecting “Games” from its drop-down list when the cartridge is removed. There is a “Stored Games” section that lists all of your saved games. Select the game you want to remove and hit the A key.

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