How To Delete Private Messages On Reddit

This is the best answer:

  • Remove Reddit private messages from your inbox.
  • Open the message that you wish to remove.
  • Go up to the top-right corner and choose the three horizontal lines.
  • Then, pick “Delete Message” from the drop-down menu.

How to mass delete or clean up your Reddit Chat Messages 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you get rid of Reddit direct messages?

Before you can remove an inbox message on Reddit, you must first open it. Then, in the message’s upper-left corner, click the three lines to close it. Click “Delete” to remove the message from your inbox.

Do messages on Reddit be deleted when you remove your account?

No, canceling your Reddit account does not remove any messages you’ve posted. Contacting Reddit customer care is the only way to access messages that have been archived on the site’s servers.

What happens if you leave a Reddit discussion room?

On Reddit, if you leave a conversation, you will no longer be able to access the chat and any messages in it.

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What is the best way to clear my Reddit history?

The deletion procedure will differ based on the kind of Reddit account and its history, thus there is no universal solution to this topic. Clearing browser data, deactivating cookies, and erasing cookies and user data from particular websites are all possible ways to wipe Reddit history.

On Reddit, how do you know whether your post has been seen?

It’s impossible to provide a universally applicable response to this issue due to the fact that the methods used to determine whether or not someone has seen your post on Reddit differ based on the individual platforms. Reddit’s “subscribers” list, scanning for messages that have been up for more than a few hours, and/or searching for certain keywords that you included in your post are some of the best ways to discover whether anybody has seen your message.

Is your Reddit history visible to the public?

Your Reddit history is seen by others. The posts you’ve made up to a year ago are included in this.

My Reddit history has been wiped clean

In order to get rid of Reddit history, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Tips for clearing your Reddit history include utilizing a VPN, clearing your cookies and browsing history on your computer and using a new browser on your computer to access Reddit.

The difference between Reddit conversation and Reddit messages?

Chat is a way to communicate with another Redditor in a more personal setting. You may simultaneously send messages to a large number of recipients using the message.

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What does Reddit’s R4R stand for?

Request for Responses (R4R) on Reddit is a function that helps people ask questions and get answers from other Redditors.

Using Reddit, how do I send a private message?

On Reddit, the first step to sending a private message is to log in. To send a message, go to the home page and click the “Message” link in the upper right corner. Enter your message in the “Message” field and press the Enter key.

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