How to run APK files on PC without Bluestacks

Android emulators are essential for those who are android developers and enthusiastic gamers.  Bluestacks- a popular emulator which is often the first choice for those who want to emulate the Android platforms on PC for particular purposes like testing apps, playing games, and so on. However, there are many other ways to do Android emulation, my post today will focus on how to run APK files on PC without Bluestacks. 

how to run apk files on pc without bluestacks

Bluestacks 4- released in 2018 with a clean UI


Bluestack is the most famous and popular software for emulating the Android platform. Bluestacks is compatible with both windows and mac. This was the first leading android emulator working without so many serious errors. However, Bluestacks consumes a lot of RAM and increases CPU usage. It slows down your system and reduces the system’s performance. It also requires the Graphic Card on your board in order to install some applications. Thus, your system needs to bear its consumption ability to run smoothly. So, keep reading to find how to run APK files on PC without Bluestacks.


ARC Welder Chrome extension

ARC Welder 

For those who use Chrome OS, the shortest and easiest way to test your games or apps is by using ARC Welder in the Chrome browser instead of installing emulators. ARC Welder is a compatible layer and sandboxing technology for running Android applications on desktops and laptops in an isolated environment. It allows your PC to run the Android applications from your own web browser. 

How to install ARC Welder and run APK files on PC without Bluestacks

  1. Download ARC Welder on Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome browser

  • Access Google search and search for “arc welder”, and click on the first link

  • Download ARC Welder

how to run apk files on pc without bluestacks

ARC Welder

  • Click on Add to chrome

  • Grant permission to install

  • ARC Welder will be automatically added to your chrome browser

  1. How to use ARC Welder

  • After successful installation, an icon of the ARC Welder extension will appear

  • Click the icon and launch ARC Welder

  • Locate the address where you keep ARC files

  • Click on the add button and choose APK file you want to run

  • Choose parameters and click on the Test button.

Follow those steps above you will successfully install ARC Welder on our system, and you can run APK files on PC without Bluestacks. 

If you don’t want to install Bluestacks but you want to find some other lighter- weight emulators, keep reading for further information.

MEmu Player

MEmu is a fairly new Android emulator for PC created by Microvirt. MEnu Player is a fantastic Android emulator which is fast and lags free. MEmu Player is specially built for Android gamers, it is softer than Bluestacks, and it also comes with a lot of customization options. The usage of MEmu Player is similar to Bluestacks, after installing, you can download an app from Google Play in MEmu or download APK files from other sources. Please consider whether the third parties providing APK files are safe or not. Besides the big sites, I recommend ApkTovi, they have Google signature for each app. 

Geny Motion

Geny Motion is an Android emulator developed for Android application developers. Downloading and installing will not be complicated. You can download Geny Motion from their official website.


There are still many android emulators that lighter than Bluestacks available for PC. You can install any of which one compatible with your PC.  This is the best answer to the question of how to run APK files on pc without Bluestacks.