How to set Poweramp as default music player

Nowadays, people tend to switch over to music streaming services for a dozen of its benefits on the smartphone. However, sometimes, it is a good idea to have stored music instead of streaming media because streaming has not quite good enough yet. For instance, you are able to store files in the form of FLAC, a lossless codec which offers the best sound quality possible. Obviously the files are bigger but it can be played with the highest sound quality headsets and speakers. This means that you do not obligate to access the data usage of streaming media, even if you are likely to save songs directly on your phone of choice as well. If you prefer to listen to music through stored media, then you may seek a music player for that, which is where Poweramp music player comes in.

Poweramp is considered as the best music player on Android OS that offers a large number of features, a bunch of skins/themes, support for various audio formats, and the best equalizer that you have ever tried on your smartphone.  Covering numerous features, this app is one of the best music player available for Android users who is serious about their offline listening. Find out more about this app, keep reading this article and you get the answer later. Furthermore, in this writing, you will mainly learn how to set Poweramp as default music player on Android device.

What is Poweramp app on Android?

Powerapm music player app for Android
Powerapm music player app for Android

Poweramp is evaluated as the best music player for Android because it covers the best audio quality that what music players are all about, playing music. Poweramp app on Android offers you the option of using a plethora of multiple themes. The list of available music themes is quite long and is still increasing, so you'll definitely find the songs to your taste. The skin/theme is Aluminum HD and you can get it for free with Poweramp. However, some themes are used for free while others are paid. 

The main features of the Poweramp app

Music list on Poweramp app
Music list on Poweramp app

When it comes to features, the number of features integrated into Poweramp is quite a lot. Here are the most outstanding ones:

- Supports a wide range of audio formats such as mp3, mp4, Ogg, FLAC, WMA, Mpc, AIFF, and more.
- The bass and treble adjustment with 10 band equalizer. 

- Avoid delay and control over gain and frequency with Stereo X support.
- Automatically downloads any missing album covers
- Widget screen.
- A bunch of customization selection.
- Provide lyrics and subtitles.
- Tag editor.
- Lock screen player.
- Headset support.
- Sleep timer.

Poweramp preset on Android device
Poweramp preset on Android device

The equalizer and audio quality of the Poweramp app

This feature is what separates Poweramp app from any other music player on the market. Specifically, the audio quality and the equalizer in this app are quite users-friendly for Android users but still remarkable. What's unique in Poweramp, is how its equalizer makes the sound quality become more perfect. To get the best results, you had better listen to music via Poweramp with a good pair of headphones or a stereo system. In details, Poweramp has a 10 band equalizer, stand-alone tremble and bass controls plus Stereo X and an R/L balance knob. Although Stereo X is totally customizable as well, the limitation is that only tech-savvy people will touch and modify that part. Other than that, you experience countless equalizer presets plus the ability to save and load songs into your own library. 

Equalizer band on Poweramp app
Poweramp app on Android

How to set Powerapm as a default music player on Android?

As usual, when you tap on an mp3 in the File-manager, Android phone always opens and plays the music on Android music player. Now, if you need to clear that music player and switch over to play music on Poweramp music player as a default music player on the screen so that this app can launch when you connect earphones or headphones. Let's follow these steps below to find out the method:

1. Go to Settings on your Android phone

2. Tap on Apps > Default apps, and then remove the current music player set up by default on your phone that you don't like.

Tap on Default apps
Tap on Default apps 


3. Next, you play music, Android phone will ask you to choose a music player again. You access Settings > Apps > Default applications > Set as default. Now you tap on Poweramp app and it will be set automatically. You will see Poweramp app displayed on your phone screen.

Poweramp settings
Poweramp settings


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