How to Share Music with Poweramp Player

Achieved more than 50 million downloads, Poweramp is one of the most prevalent music players in the Android device. So far, the producer of this offline music player has just released a new version with plenty of updates called Poweramp V3. This new version brings a bright new feature set. Along with buttery smooth transitions, Poweramp also has a package of a new audio engine and a digital signal processor (DSP). Especially, Poweramp now allows users to easily share what they are listening to their friends. In this article, we will guide you on how to share music with Poweramp player.

The Poweramp music player on Android overview

Poweramp music player on Android
Poweramp music player on Android

Poweramp is considered as the best music player for Android. This app offers plenty of high-quality audio and music. Poweramp app on Android lets users make use of multiple newly-updated features to get the most out of it. Poweramp just got updated to bring Android Auto support among other improvements, listed in the changelog below:

• Supported on Android Auto 
• Advanced support for Google Assistant
• Improve zoom level for Artists, Composers, Genres, Playlists
• Playlist widget with shuffle options displaying
• Samsung Pie support
• Possible to hide the visualization presets
• Add or change the lyrics and album art
• Bug fixed and stability progress
• Additional options and features for in-app Changelog

Poweramp Settings
Poweramp Settings

One notable thing is the Poweramp design integrates well with the Auto interface. Poweramp allows you to perform advanced operations on your device screen like browsing through folders and playing music from video files. Moreover, the great Poweramp’s customizability options set it far ahead of much of the competition. Poweramp is designed with a dark theme and a light theme, with the possibility to install as many more as you want from external sources. Other than that, you can switch around elements of the UI, for example, remove the Chromecast button, add a track counter, adjust the rating system, control animations, and so much more.

In Poweramp app, there is a bundle of pre-configured features that you can choose among, and you are able to customize the visualizer from its settings as well. It is well laid out too as features are organized neatly into settings. There is also and additional scrobbling support, Android Auto support, and even a feature to skip songs by long-pressing the volume keys. 

Poweramp Album art
Poweramp Album art

Audio quality is what Poweramp was famous for back in the day, along with its strong collection of features. Depending on its own audio decoders, Poweramp app can have steadily high sound quality on over Android devices. For the reason that it decodes the audio by itself and doesn’t rely on the Android OS to do any of the work, its equalizer is one of the most superior in the business. It doesn’t need to employ Android’s audio equalizer API, instead of applying the changes that the user selects to the decoded stream. What’s more, there is quite a lot of various equalizer presets too, so that the user can tune it to their own listening style.

Poweramp equalizer
Poweramp equalizer

How to share music with Poweramp player on Android?

In order to share the songs that you are listening to on Poweramp music player to your friends, you can try applying our advice below:

  • Poweramp app is able to play music files, so you can give Poweramp access to a directory, it can play the files there. For that reason, you can grant right for other Poweramp users to get access to your library.
  • To send or transfer songs, you take a long-press on any song in your Library and select 'Send' from the resulting menu. After that, you can directly send music for other users in Poweramp or send the file via the app you want to use. In such case, Poweramp app lets you select multiple songs to send at once that way too. For example, if you listen to a song and decide to share it via WhatsApp, you can long-press the song in the list view, tap on "Send" and choose the app you like, and that can be WhatsApp.
Send music from Poweramp via WhatsApp
Send music from Poweramp via WhatsApp

Wrap up

Hope this post is helpful for you to send music to your friends on Poweramp app successfully. Do comments below if you still have any question related to Poweramp app on Android.

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