To remove a second Yahoo email account, how can I do so

It’s the best option:

  • Select that item from the Settings menu.
  • Take a look at other options.
  • then choose mailboxes.
  • From the drop-down box, choose Email Aliases.
  • Click the Expand button next to the box to expand it.
  • You should choose an additional email address.
  • By choosing, you may remove the alias and make the change permanent.
  • Clicking Remove Alias will remove it.

How Do I Delete My Yahoo! Mail Account Permanently?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please tell me how to remove a Yahoo email address from my account?

Yes, you may log in with the email address you’d want to get rid of. Enter the email address you’d want to remove from your account in the Account Information section. Go to My Yahoo Account and click the Delete Account link there to complete the process. Afterwards, adhere to the on-screen directions.

How can I get rid of a second email address?

Visit the page for deleting services or accounts. Remove Your Account. At the very bottom of the screen, click on both windows to select them.

How can I get rid of the other one?

Take a look at your phone’s settings. Accounts for snoozing on the go. Tap Users & accounts instead if “Accounts” isn’t shown. Choose the account you wish to remove from the drop-down menu. The account may be deleted by using the button below. Your phone’s pattern will be required if this is the sole Google Account linked to it for security reasons.

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Is it possible to permanently erase an email account?

These instructions will let you delete your Gmail account. Go to the Settings. From the Accounts drop-down menu, choose Edit. Under the Deactivate Account section, select Delete My Account. Click the trash can next to the Gmail service to delete it. The account may be deleted by following the onscreen instructions. For the sake of resuming a paused operation.

Is it possible to combine two Yahoo accounts?

One option that isn’t now available is the ability to merge two or more Yahoo email accounts. Copy the emails from your other Yahoo accounts into your main account and then remove the unwanted ones.

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