Why Won't Poweramp Music Player Install from Blackmart?

Have you ever listen to your music on your Android with Poweramp Music Player? With Poweramp Music Player, your Android device will turn into a powerful music player. This means that you can play songs in different formats like WMA, FLAC, MPC, WAV and many more. However, we have recently received many questions asking "why won't Poweramp music player install from Blackmart?". If you have the same query, read this post to find the answer.

What is Blackmart? 

Blackmart app for Android

Blackmart is a market alternative to the Google Play Store for tablets and smartphones with Android OS. With Blackmart, you can download many applications, without an account and Google, or any kind of registration.

Blackmart is also simple to use, and it offers many helpful features. including:

  • Blackmart offers premium apps for free, cracked games, etc for the Android user
  • All applications on the Blackmart market are available for free download. There is no trial or test application, there are only complete applications and free.
  •  It does not restrict access to particular Android phones as the Google Play Store does.

About Poweramp Music Player

PowerAMP is one of the popular music players for Android users which will bring out the music in your Android device. It is a full, paid version available for purchase via the Android Market, and is updated regularly. Basically, the paid version of PowerAMP would cost $4.99.

Poweramp Music Player for Android

The main features of Poweramp Music Player:

  • 10 band equalizer
  • Stereo expansion,crossfade
  • Plays songs from own library and folders
  • Dynamic queue, separate bass, and tremble

Moreover, this multi-function music player can give you from hard rock, chilling black metal, soothing jazz to classical composition. Especially, it drains a tiny percentage of the battery

Normally, people will go to the Google Play Store to download any apps for Android like Poweramp Music Player. However, you might not know that Poweramp needs to verify your purchase through Google Play License Verification even when you already have installed the Poweramp Unlocker. It can be very unfortunate way and disturb you tremendously. Some people reported that when they are listening to Poweramp, suddenly the music stopped and they received a pop-up message that Poweramp cannot verify the purchase through Google Play License Verification/APM. In this case, it is advisable to download and install Poweramp from Blackmart.

Why won't Poweramp music player install from Blackmart?

Poweramp music player app install from Blackmart

In fact, it rarely seems that the Blackmart app doesn’t work or it crashes in between using. Sometimes, this might happen because of the older version of the app, or the night mode doesn't work. Poweramp music player is going to hang while changing the mode. So, it causes Poweramp music player won't install from Blackmart. This problem is so common faced by many of Poweramp's users.

Fix "can't install Poweramp music player  from Blackmart" error

Sometimes, the 'Poweramp won't install from Blackmart app' problem occurs by the cache.

  1. Firstly, you can try to force stopping the Blackmart app if it is hanging.
  2. Then delete all the cache of the app on your Android phone.
  3. After that, restart the app.

If the Blackmart app does not start at all, you will need to check out some things. Firstly, make sure you are using the right Blackmart software. As sometimes hackers may add their scripts in the apk file. Therefore, you must be careful while downloading. 

If these methods above cannot work for you, then you need to reinstall the app. Make sure that you download the latest version of Blackmart because the latest version is to remove all the bugs in it.


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